Why do your taxes with an E.A. “Enrolled Agent”?

If you are considering hiring someone to help you with your taxes, you may be wondering whether to choose a tax preparer or an enrolled agent (EA). Both professionals can help you with your taxes, but there are some key differences between the two that may influence your decision.

One of the main reasons to choose an EA over a tax preparer is the EA’s expertise and qualifications. To become an EA, an individual must pass a rigorous examination that covers all aspects of the U.S. tax code. EAs are also required to complete continuing education courses to keep up with changes in tax laws. This means that EAs are generally more knowledgeable and better equipped to handle complex tax situations.

Another reason to choose an EA is their level of representation. Unlike tax preparers, who can only represent clients in front of the IRS in limited circumstances, EAs have unlimited representation rights. This means that they can represent you before the IRS in any matter, including audits, collections, and appeals.

Finally, choosing an EA can give you added peace of mind. EAs are held to high ethical standards and are subject to potential discipline by the IRS if they fail to meet these standards. This means that you can trust that your EA will act in your best interests and provide you with accurate and reliable advice.

Overall, while tax preparers can provide valuable assistance with your taxes, choosing an EA can give you access to greater expertise, representation, and peace of mind.